What We DO

Solar 101

Our job is to provide the data and real time knowledge gained with over 25 years of renewable energy and construction experience. Most clients just don't know the truth about solar and wind in today's market place.

Portfolio Assessment

Our services include detailed analysis of which properties provide the business needed for each of our clients.  Not all properties make sense for renewable energy but the ones that do meet or exceed their in house metrics should be made clear.  For our partners who have more than one site, a portfolio assessment can help reduce costs over the entire project by employing economies of scale.  It can also help them decide which properties to make the switch to renewables first and which aren't quite ready.  


The viability of many projects cannot be determined without a modicum of engineering and site analysis.  Our experienced team and certified engineers will help your team make a more informed decision while lessening any "problems" during the installation by sussing out issues upfront.


Our relationships extend into the finance realm as well.  Elimination of the upfront cost of solar can help levelize the cost of energy over the agreed terms and on most occasions actually reduces our clients energy costs.  There is no "one size fits all" in solar financing.  Similar to our design and engineering, financing is customized to each client and to each site. 

Tax Incentives

Some clients have tax liabilities that can be helped with government tax code (ITC). Some don't (non profits). Our team will work to provide a finance partner  that can help you take advantage of either scenario.  

Carbon Offsets and Marketing

A common question from our clients and partners has been whether they can take advantage of the carbon offsets known as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).  These offsets can be used by your marketing team to show your commitment to the environment and a clean world for your employees, clients and neighbors.  Statewide Renewable can help navigate these waters to provide you with a detailed way to achieve these goals.