Why we do It

The Environment


We have the ability to positively affect our environment.  Why not?  Why not now?   

Technological Advancements


Solar Cells are currently in their second generation and transitioning to a third.  This means a lower cost of energy combined with greater production. This provides our team with hope moving forward.  That the technology and the billions of dollars being spent on research & development in conjunction with new automated manufacturing facilities will lead us to a world where solar photo-voltaics are the preferred choice of individuals, businesses and government institutions.  

The Truth


Renewable energy seems to bring out extreme opinions.  We want to bring reason and logic to the solar industry.  Break through the barriers of the uninformed and show the truth in it's most logical way.  By doing this we believe that one project after another will bring renewable energy to the forefront of people's minds when they are choosing energy for their schools,  businesses, and manufacturing facilities .

Philanthropy the way you want it!


We believe it pays to give back.  So we will donate a portion of proceeds from every project to the charity of your choice.  You don't have a favorite charity?   Then we will pick for you.  Safe to say that solar will be installed in some much needed places! 

The Geo-Political Argument


There is only so much oil in the ground.  As nations fight over precious resources, why shouldn't the United States diversify it's energy portfolio to help extend it's energy reserves?  



 Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.