What we do

Solar Design & Engineering

We design and engineer solar projects for our clients 

Our focus is to provide our clients exactly what they want and need.  We do this by asking them thoughtful questions and then listening to their answers.  

Solar Development

We develop solar projects that provide clean renewable energy to commercial, industrial and utility clients.  

Many of our clients want to “try solar” but have no idea how to take the first step.  Our team at Statewide is able to show our clients how solar can help them and figure out what type of design best suits their needs. 

Our projects can be rooftop, ground mount and carport designs.  

Operations & Maintenance

Solar Energy is a long term project but it needs maintenance.  If a solar company fails to mention this, they are not telling you the whole story. 

Annual sites visits along with active monitoring can keep your system operational for 25+ years.

Let Statewide Renewable, LLC help keep your solar array operating at peak efficiency while returning your capital expenditure as promised.

Work with us

Send me a message to discuss your needs. I always reply within 24 hours.